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Over the past year, we have been working in collaboration with Teesside University, researching and developing new technologies, to deliver decarbonisation and sustainable energy as an integral pillar of its corporate strategy.

In doing this, we have developed an exciting new product for DarbyTech.

DarbyTech’s ModApp (Modular Apparatus) Range

The first demonstrator in this range is the ModApp H2, a compact and concise experimental apparatus with instrumentation, data acquisition and control for experiments and research applications including:

  • Decomposition of ammonia
  • Methane combustion and steam methane reforming
  • Membrane operation and adsorption experiments
  • Life cycle of hydrogen from creation to use in a fuel cell
  • Catalysis Research: (process impact, types, size & shape)

The ModApp H2 is ideally suited for UG chemical engineering experiments in reaction engineering, and process control.

We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Teesside University as industrial training equipment manufacturers. It is of absolute importance that our products are verified by industry professionals to ensure that we can offer the best learning experience.

This short video featuring DarbyTech’s Clean Energy Prototype Engineer, gives a brief overview of the rig, what it does and what learning outcomes can be achieved.

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