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Darby-Simplant’s Plantronics Suite comprises three fully operational skids tailored to suit the needs and requirements of engineering students. Each skid is designed to provide a full learning experience ranging across distillation, separation, and operational skills.

The POST Process Operators Skills Trainer product line “Plantronics” is a major innovation to the nature of Industrial Training. The Darby/SimPlant™ plant platform environments are tailored to the generic and specific purpose with the TBLSS, Task-Based Learning Station System. 

The choice of existing Darby Tech equipment allows economic viability at a five-to-one ratio over building a plant for training. Learning Stations are developed and applied to the area of the equipment element, fabrication, or installation of choice.

The equipment is installed in modular structures to match needs, rather than a need seeking to find suitable equipment. Mobile LS units can be attached anywhere on the base units or rolled to the classroom. TBLSS task assignment ensures completion and documentation of the hands-on activity, task, or decision-making exercises. Students rotate from station to station sequenced by Instructors according to average time to completion.

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Hands-On Process Operator Skills Trainer
Entry Level, First & Second Semester 
The Darby-SimPlant Hands-On Skills Trainer platform measures an impressive 13’ x 26’ x 12’ Multi-Level skid.

Multi-Level Separator Process Operator Skills Trainer
Mid-Level, Second & Third-Semester 
The Multi-Level Separator Process Operator Skills Trainer blends air, water, and refined oil to emulate a crude oil stream.

Multi-Level Distillation Process Operations Skills Trainer
Pre-graduate students in AAS degree, Advanced Certificates
Multi-Level Distillation Process Operations Skills Trainer separates a methanol/water mixture in a see-through, bubble cap tray column. 
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