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Well-Bore Hydraulic Demonstrator

The Well-Bore Demonstrator is a valuable tool for training process operators. It is designed to replicate many of the hydraulic conditions encountered in drilling operations. These conditions are produced in a replica well-bore manufactured from industrial clear PVC that allows students to observe the flow patterns. The demonstrator is capable of replicating many of the flows encountered in a drilling and production operation including (but not limited to):

  • Well Production
    • Tubing Production
    • Casing (Annular) Production
  • Tubing on bottom condition
  • Tubing off bottom condition
  • Circulation
    • Circulation up the tubing
    • Circulation down the tubing
  • Oil/Water/Gas flow from the formation into the wellbore
  • Wellbore Demonstrator
  • Wellbore Demonstrator

Oil, water, and air represent the three common well-bore fluids: liquid hydrocarbons, gaseous hydrocarbons, and produced water. The process fluids are recycled (separated and returned to storage), allowing for continuous operation without the discharge of either the oil or the water. 

The demonstrator is equipped with process indication and manual control devices including metering valves and pressure gauges. The demonstrator is controlled by manually adjusting the various flow control valves. 

Throughout the well servicing and well production phases, the operator will create different flow patterns in the well bore. The operator has control over several aspects of the flow inside the well-bore; the flow direction (up or down the tubing), fluid flow rates, and the distance that the tubing is above the bottom of the hole.

 The operator must balance these parameters to successfully achieve:

  • Safe Drilling and Servicing Operations
  • Containment of gas and liquid kicks
  • Control liquid flow rates
  • Positive control of good pressure
  • Containment of hydrocarbon-contaminated water
Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • Simulated water, liquid hydrocarbon, and gaseous hydrocarbon streams
  • Clear wellbore vessel – 6 inches (150 mm) Diameter
  • Integral storage vessels, separation equipment, and blending unit.
    • Translucent for visual monitoring
  • Complete cart-mounted unit with integral support structure
    • Demonstrator is portable subject to room/door height and access to electrical power
  • Approximate overall dimensions
    • 760 x 1220 x 2450 mm high (30” x 48” x 96” high) with tubing retracted
    • 760 x 1220 x 4000 mm high (30” x 48” x 156” high) with tubing extended
    • Custom dimensions available on request (please contact DarbyTech for details)
  • Available in all world voltages/frequencies (customer to specify electrical power available on-site)

Using the well-bore demonstrator, the student operator can observe the various hydraulic flows that occur in the well-bore. This first-hand visual experience will enhance the student’s understanding of well-bore hydraulic circulation, safety monitoring, accident avoidance, and mitigation. 

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