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Horizontal & Vertical Separator Demonstrator (Enhanced Version) 

The three-phase horizontal separator demonstration apparatus is a small-scale horizontal vessel that performs continuous separation of a mixture of oil, air, and water. The primary separation operation for crude oil occurs when the crude stream flows through a vessel of sufficient capacity to allow gravity separation of the gas, liquid hydrocarbon, and water phases. This trainer includes a clear horizontal primary separator vessel. The process has manual control valves with flow meters and is intended to demonstrate oilfield separation principles with basic visual/manual operation.

This process trainer blends air, water, and refined oil to emulate a crude oil stream. This fluid mixture then flows into a separator vessel fabricated of clear materials. The oil and water are recycled; the air is vented to the atmosphere.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Separator Demonstrator (Enhanced Version)
Process Highlights:
  • Continuously variable flow (hand valves)
  • Working fluids air, water, and oil
Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • Clear PVC horizontal vessel and process piping
  • Duplex weir configuration
  • 300 x 600 mm (12” dia. x 24”) separator
  • Two centrifugal pumps for water and oil
  • Regenerative air blower
  • Oil and water storage tanks
  • Complete unit mounted on a utility-size cart for ease of movement and storage
  • Approximate overall dimensions (26”w x 44”l x 60” high)
  • Power – 120VAC 60 Hz (all other world voltages available - please specify)


This proposed unit will be based on our standard design with enhanced flow metering to enable normal qualitative student exercises plus enhanced exercises including:

  • Oil retention time
  • Water retention time
  • Gas (air) retention time
  • Material balance calculations
  • Pipe flow velocity

Enhanced meters will include one of each of:
  • For inlet air flow - averaging pitot with dP gauge 4 to 45 cfm
  • For inlet oil flow- Gear type with digital display 1 to 30l/min (up to 7.5 gallons/min)
  • For inlet water flow - Turbine type with digital display 2 to 20l/min (up to 5 US gallons/min)
  • Transit-time ultrasonic transit time type for discharge flow velocity with digital display:
    • Outlet oil flow ¡V 6 to 68l/min
    • Outlet water flow ¡V 6 to 68l/min

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