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Gas Contactor / Distillation Column Demonstrator 

The column demonstration apparatus is a small-scale vessel that models the operation of a gas contactor or distillation column using air and water as working fluids. Column staging internals show:

  • Packed columns using both random and structured packing
  • Tray columns using sieve, valve, and bubble-cap trays

This process demonstrator uses air and water to emulate column dynamics. Water is recycled; the air is vented to the atmosphere. The process has manual control valves with rotameters and is intended to demonstrate contractor/distillation principles with basic visual/manual operation. 

  • Model Series: GC-20
  • Model Series: GC-20
  • Model Series: GC-20
Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • Clear PVC vertical vessel and process piping
  • 6” dia. x 52” (150 x 1320 mm) vertical column
  • Centrifugal pump for water
  • Regenerative air blower
  • Water storage tank at the base of the column
  • Complete unit mounted on a utility-size cart for ease of movement and storage
  • Approximate overall dimensions – 90 x 60 x 150 cm high (36” x 24” x 60” high)
  • Available in all world voltages/frequencies (customer to specify electrical power available on-site)
Process Specification Highlights:
  • Continuously flow (variable by hand valves)
  • Working fluids air and water
  • Rotameters for fluid flow measurement
  • Digital manometer and strategically located quick-connects are provided to allow pressure drop measurement to be made.

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