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ModApp Range: Gas Reaction Experimental Research Apparatus
Modular Lab-based teaching and research apparatus with instrumentation, data acquisition, and control for experiments and research applications including:
  • Decomposition of Ammonia,
  • Methane Combustion and Steam
  • Methane Reforming,
  • Membrane operation and adsorption
  • experiments.
  • The life cycle of hydrogen from creation
  • to use in a fuel cell.
  • Catalysis Research: (process impact,
  • types, size & shape)
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“Modular design to suit budget constraints: with LABVIEW process control linking directly to the instrumentation, actuators and regulators. This is ideally suited for UG chemical engineering experiments in reaction engineering, and process control. Not only do they develop the theoretical underpinnings of the broad Chem Eng. Curriculum, but they introduce students to the necessary electronic components, many of
which they are likely to encounter, in the
industry, after graduation."
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Equipment Specification and Technical Highlights:
  • Full Computational Control and Data Logging
  • Integrated software-based Safety Alarms and Interlocks
  • Real-time flow rate, Temperature, and Pressure Graphs with automatic data file creation
  • 3 types of Process Valves including solenoid and
  • pneumatic actuation
  • 2 types of Valve Manifolds
  • Plus Pressure Relief and Check Valves
Mass Flow Controllers:
  • 2 types of Mass Flow Controllers with Analogue and
  • Serial controlled models
Pressure Regulators:
  • Electronically controlled and dome-loaded Back Pressure Regulators
  • Manual and electronically controlled Forward Pressure Regulator
  • A Vertical Tube Furnace with inbuilt overtemperature protection
  • Pressure Transducers and Type K Thermocouples

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