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Single and Duplex Compressor 

Compressor Trainer

The gas compression apparatus consists of two commercial compressor / receiver units each with added temperature indicators, flow indicator, power meter and pressure indicating controller. Control valves are provided to provide control of the downstream pressure. The compressors are of similar power demand but different design. Pressure, temperature and flow data obtained can be used to calculate compression efficiency.

The gas compressors use air as the working fluid to demonstrate reciprocal compressor operation. The discharge pressure is automatically controlled to a selected process pressure set point. Trainees select compressor type and flow rate then read and record the flows and temperatures for further analysis. 

  • Compressor Trainer
Topic: Gas Compression 

Sub Topics:/ Trainees will learn concepts of:

  • Reciprocating compressor design (single and two-stage)
  • Volumetric and Isothermal Efficiency
  • Compressor operation
  • Reciprocating Compressor Trainer
Key Objectives:

With this apparatus, students can learn the effect on gas compression of:

  • single and two-stage compressors
  • impact of compression ratio on efficiency
  • operation and control of a simple process
Process Highlights:
  • continuously variable downstream pressure 0 to 140 psig (0 to 965 kPa)
  • typical air flow up to 16.5 cfm (7.8 l/s)
Utility Requirements:
  • Three phase electrical power 220 VAC 50 Hz. Load approx. 27 amps. Other voltages also available please specify
Optional additions:
  • A 5 Hp screw compressor unit can be added with associated instrumentation components.
  • Cut-away compressors additional single and two-stage compressors (same model as on the working unit) can be sectioned for internal viewing
Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • Nominal compressor power - 5Hp (3.7kW)
  • Receiver volume 60 us gallons (225 litres)
  • Instrumentation & control includes: (* indicates on the 2 stage only)
    • Inlet, inter-stage* and discharge temperature transmitters
    • Inter-stage* and discharge pressure transmitters
    • Flow transmitter
    • Electrical power transmitter
    • Data acquisition and PID control by programmable logic controller (PLC)
    • Dedicated notebook computer with HMI software (custom configuration)
  • Mounted on a steel skid
  • Approximate overall dimensions are 120 cm x 240 cm x 210 cm high (48 x 96 x 84)

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