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DarbyTech's Operations & Maintenance Pilot Plant Trainer

The Operations & Maintenance pilot plant trainer is designed to accommodate multiple training outcomes associated with petrochemical, chemical, energy and utility process plant operation. This trainer focuses on practical skills training for mechanical, electrical, instrument and process maintenance, safety, isolations, inspections and fault finding.
Our base design can be customised to adapt to required learning outcomes and specific technology to match the particular industry / curriculum needs.
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Process Control
​The Pilot Plant Training Skid will be provided with a dedicated main control panel mounted on the training skid that will contain the control hardware and safety systems. This will be located in the rear left corner of section 1 of the training skid. It houses the main DeltaV controller and its associated traditional I/O, as well as distributing the required 110VAC supplies for the
two remote I/O panels, the EDS system safety relays (PILZ PNOZ 11), Ethernet network distribution, Foundation Fieldbus PSU, and 24VDC Battery Backup System.
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Equipment Specification Highlights:
  • 3 Steel tanks (2m3, 1.5m high)
  • 1 steel tank with man way for access (6.3m3, 3m
  • high with access ladder)
  • Eight pumps (Centrifugal, Gear, Positive
  • displacement sliding vane)
  • 18KW Electric heater
  • Shell & tube heat exchanger
  • Industrial 16KW air cooled water chiller
  • 4 Flow meters
  • 8 Level transmitters
  • 8 Level switches
  • 30 pressure gauges
  • 3 Level indicators
  • 8 Pressure transmitters
  • 8 Pressure switches
  • 6 Temperature transmitters
  • 200+ valves, including check and pneumatic
  • control
  • Form 4 Type 7 Motor Control Centre
  • 4200mm (w) x 2,200mm (h) x 665mm
  • 200A incomer, providing distribution for
  • process trainer power
  • 4 Siemens Soft starts and 4 variable
  • speed drives
  • Emerson Delta V DCS system with RIO
  • Foundation Fieldbus and 4-20mA
  • Intrinsic Safety circuits
  • Emergency Shutdown system PILZ -
  • (ESD)
  • 4 22” operator workstations
  • 3 Remote I/O stations on skid
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Intrinsic Safety
Although there is no hazardous area within the training
skid environment,  within one of the  remote I/O panels 
we will provide two examples of transmitter intrinsic safety

Transmitter analogue input signals from selected
instruments  are wired to the barriers in blue  cabling, 
and running through blue trunking to indicate the
‘simulated’ hazardous area side of the circuit.
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    Safety is Paramount

    There are Emergency stops mounted at various locations round the skid that when activated will shut the process plant down to a safe state. The pumps all have local electrical isolation, and there are many isolation valves located at key points in the process to allow the opportunity to remove equipment, pumps or instruments.

    The pumps are fitted with double block and bleed isolation valves and spectacle blinds. Pumps, valves, instruments and pipe work spools can be removed, inspected and re-instated as part of maintenance and operations training scenarios, with the ability to isolate circuits and work on adjacent lines to demonstrate permit to work, safe operations and maintenance routines as found on live industrial plant. In addition, the trainer allows multiple training outcomes associated with flow and level control.