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Our Products

  • Support and enhance the education of student’s across the chemical, process, electrical, instrumentation, control and mechanical engineering curriculums 
  • Support and enhance the training of engineers, operators and maintenance technicians working within the engineering and process education disciplines across the oil and gas production, downstream processing, petrochemical, chemical process, and utility and energy sectors.

DarbyTech equipment is available on a stand-alone basis or customized to support other training curricula and equipment. Our process trainers and demonstrators have been created on the philosophy that training is most powerful when it includes a significant portion of “hands-on” instruction, and where the laboratory facilities support the learning objectives with appropriate equipment to enhance the overall educational experience.

Benefits - Each DarbyTech process trainer or demonstrator is:

  • Fully-functional and operable: The equipment looks and behaves like real industry processes, with the time scale adjusted to meet training objectives and scheduling realities. On our trainers, process variables are transmitted into a control room-based control system. Each trainer is fully instrumented and automated with the type of equipment found in industry but the size is responsive so that after trainees make a process change, steady-state is achieved in 20 minutes or less. Our demonstrators are smaller and less complex. They are fully functional and manually operated to demonstrate key concepts.
  • Designed to enhance student learning: Selected process components are made of glass or other see-through materials to allow the student to observe operation within the process.
  • Environmentally friendly: Wherever practical, the process fluids are recycled for continuous operation.
  • Safe: Each unit uses the safest practical materials, modest process conditions and highest quality industry style components and materials to create a safe training environment.
  • Reduces training time and training on the job costs: Trainees who learn on this process training equipment are better skilled and more job ready when they complete their training.
  • Easy to operate: The operating manual includes typical student training exercises. Instructors are trained to operate the equipment as part of the installation process.

All equipment is pre-assembled and tested as appropriate, before being partially disassembled for packing into standard shipping containers. An installation team will come to the site to reassemble and commission the equipment and train client instructors on typical training applications. DarbyTech principles or associates are also available to consult on the planning and implementation process, facilities and programs on a fee-for-service basis.

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Find out more about DarbyTech Trainers and Demonstrators

DarbyTech trainers are designed to demonstrate industry-typical chemical processes as well as the associated process control methodologies. Each trainer is fully instrumented and automated using industry-typical Distributed Control (DCS) or Programmable Logic (PLC) control systems. The trainer systems use REAL chemical and physical processes on a training-appropriate scale to train students in both process operations and control.
PLC or DCS Control
DarbyTech demonstrator units are smaller and less complex than the full process control trainer options offered. Demonstrators are fully functional process units that use manually operated controls to demonstrate key concepts (individually) in both process operations and control. The demonstrator units give students hands-on process control experience in addition to demonstrating the key process concepts
Manual Control