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DarbyTech Demonstrators

DarbyTech demonstrator units are smaller and less complex than the full process control trainer options offered. Demonstrators are fully functional process units that use manually operated controls to demonstrate key concepts (individually) in both process operations and control. The demonstrator units give students hands-on process control experience in addition to demonstrating the key process concepts.

  • Two Phase Flow Demonstrator
Two Phase Flow Demonstrator
  • Two Phase Flow Demonstrator (Enhanced Version)
  • Gas Contactor / Distillation Column Demonstrator
  • Horizontal and Vertical Separator Demonstrator
  • Horizontal & Vertical Separator Demonstrator (Enhanced)
  • Heat Exchanger Demonstrator
  • Pipeline Pigging Demonstrator
  • Well Bore Demonstrator
  • Well Bore Demonstrator
  • Classroom Aides