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Three Phase Separation Trainer with DCS Control 

Function: The primary separation operation for crude oil occurs when the crude stream flows through a vessel of sufficient capacity to allow gravitational separation of the gas, liquid hydrocarbon and water phases. This process trainer blends air, water and refined oil to emulate a crude oil stream. This fluid mixture then flows into a horizontal separator vessel fabricated of clear PVC. Gas flow passes through a secondary vertical 2-phase separator. The separator is equipped with industry-typical process measurement devices. The entire trainer is controlled from an optional distributed control system or dedicated control panel. 

  • Three Phase Separation Trainer with DCS Control
  • Three Phase Separation Trainer with DCS Control
  • Three Phase Separation Trainer with DCS Control

Process Highlights:

  • Continuously variable flow of process fluids: air, water and oil
  • Liquids are recycled, air is vented
  • Time to reach steady state after a reasonable step change – less than 20 minutes

Equipment Specification Highlights:

  • Clear PVC separator vessels and process piping
  • 610 x 1830 mm (24” dia. x 72”) horizontal separator
  • Electronic process measurement and control system with 5 control loops, water-cut meters plus low/high level and pressure sensors
    • Two level controls – displacer and capacitance sensors
    • Pressure control
    • Three flow controls with annubar, orifice and turbine meters
    • NEW feature water-cut (emulsion) meter in the oil out stream
  • Two centrifugal pumps for water and oil
  • Oil and water storage tanks
  • Complete unit mounted on a steel structure/skid
  • Approximate dimensions of process skid – 210 x 400 x 230 cm high (7’ x14’ x 7.5’ high) Dimensions may be adjusted based on room size and layout.
  • Variable speed roots type air blower either (New enclosure sizing):
    • In separate enclosure for remote location in an air conditioned utility room (approximate dimensions - 838 x 1010 x 886 mm high (33” x 40” x 35” high) or
    • option - can be mounted on the main process skid –overall skid size is then 2100 x 4600 x 2300 mm high (7’ x16’ x 7.5’ high) Note this will result in the necessity to wear hearing protection due to higher sound levels in the teaching environment (up to 85 dBa @ 1 m)
  • Available in all world voltages / frequencies (customer to specify electrical power available on-site)

Controls Options:

  • DCS (our standards) Foxboro A2 or Emerson DeltaV. Others can be substituted on request
  • 4 - 20 mA (our standard) or Foundation Fieldbus® instruments on request
  • Instruments by various manufacturers on request (our standard are Rosemount/Fisher or Foxboro/Samson)

Instrument Air option: This trainer can be supplied with a dedicated air compressor/receiver/drier to provide the required instrument quality air on request. 


  • Standard 4 - 20 mA or Foundation Fieldbus instruments

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