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Custody Metering and Prover Training

Custody Metering and Flow Metering Systems are common operations in the petrochemical, oil & gas industries. Meter proving or meter verification is to provide accurate measurement of valuable commodities such as oil and gas that will minimise losses and maximise profits.

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Equipment Specification Highlights

This Industrial scale process trainer will pump water from the primary storage tank utilising 5 independent flow metering streams, with options for selecting the master meter. Pipe work will be 2 inch stainless, flanged to primary components for ease of removal. This will be controlled via an Industrial standard PLC with ethernet connectivity to the flow computer proving system. The flow computer system will be provided by a leading industrial brand to reflect what is used currently within the Oil & Gas sectors. The process will demonstrate fiscal measurement, optimisation, calibration, error correction with data trending and storage in line with international standards.

  • Selection of flow meter types (standard included for Coriolis, mag, turbine, ultrasonic, positive displacement)
  • Storage tank (1500 litre HDPE)
  • Slops tank (1000 litre HDPE)
  • Level tank (2000 litre HDPE)
  • Instrumentation (Endress & Hauser, Emerson or similar)
  • Flow computers (Emerson, Omni or similar)
  • Sequencing PLC (Siemens or Rockwell)
    • Stream, selection and proving
    • Dual /standby main pumps
    • Motor starters / control (Siemens or similar)
  • Prover tank (optional) (500 litres Stainless steel)
  • Supplied on a steel skid assembly with grated fibre flooring (approx. assembled dimensions 6m, 2.6m, 2m) with safe access to flow meters and a local control panel – this will be transported inside a standard shipping container

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Different types of flow measurement Principals of operation
  • Effects of Pressure and Temperature
  • Different types of meter proving • Prover tank, principals of operation
  • Multi pass prover, principals of operation • Master meter prover, principals of operation
  • Master meter selection 
  • Equipment start-up and operating procedures
  • Process control concepts for manual and automatic operation (DCS or PLC)
  • Stream selection
  • Master meter selection and proving operations
  • Result display and archiving • Understanding of K-Factor
  • Linearity of the calibrated flow meter

Learning / teaching material provided

Including instructor notes, student exercises, modules and service manuals. 


  • Electrical power as per customer requirements (by client)
  • Potable water supply (by client just to fill / top up tank) 
  • Instrument air (by client)  

Options / Custom design

  • Flexibility to customise and adopt specific client user preference in selection of instrumentation, PLC and flow computer (models and types) – please enquire for more information
  • Remote monitoring / large screen display (for enhanced visualisation)   

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