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Trainer Controls

Representative DCS Control Screen. (Screen shot from Emerson DeltaV Model)

Distributed Control System Options:

One or more process trainers may be connected to a DCS which then provides all the necessary control functions for process operation. Typically, the DCS control consoles will be located in a control room setting. The DCS capacity can be increased to include more than one trainer. For example, Distillation, Gas Absorption and Three-phase Separation all are well suited to DCS control. Where two or more trainers will be controlled by a single Distributed Control System, multiple operator stations are provided, each one dedicated to a single trainer.

Diverse Field Instrumentation:

Since this equipment is designed for a variety of training activities, it may be desired to include a variety of control system technologies. It is also possible to provide different types of field instrumentation on each unit, giving trainees the maximum exposure to available controls/instrumentation technologies. Several of the available technologies include: standard 4 to 20 mA, 4-20 mA Hart Protocol, Foundation Fieldbus or other digital bus technologies.

Marshalling and DCS Cabinet:

For each trainer unit, all input and output signals will be hard-wired to the DCS controller in a marshalling/control cabinet. It shall include all necessary termination strips, an alarm indicator light, shut-down switch, power switches and indicators. Motor starters will also be located in the high voltage zone of this cabinet. The control cabinet will contain all the necessary power, switching, input/output modules, DCS control modules, control-room cabling interfaces etc. for the process trainer. A separate DCS controller will be provided for each trainer unit. Operator station(s) will connect to the DCS cabinet with Ethernet cable(s).

Control Stations:

A separate computer station will be provided as the operator station for each trainer. If more than one process in installed one will also serve as the DCS engineering station. Each station shall include the necessary computer hardware, software and two 20” (or larger) color flat-screen monitors

Instrumentation Standards:

Our standard communication protocol is 4 to 20 mA, (Hart Protocol). The use of Foundation Fieldbus or other digital bus technologies is not recommended except on selected trainers due to technical reasons.

Specific Component Suppliers:

The process measurement or control component equipment can be customized to include specific manufacturers to reflect local industry practices. Use of alternate suppliers may result in modified costs due to additional engineering and configuration required.


All software required for configuration and operation shall be included and custom configuration specific to the processes is included:
  • Operating system
  • Configuration
  • Fully Configured Graphical Displays Resembling the Systems PFD’s
  • Fully Configured Graphics Configurations
  • Control and alarm functions
  • Password Protected system access
  • Several layers of user accounts
  • Process Operations
  • Instrumentation
  • Administration and Instructor
Software Redundancy:

Not required for training purposes.

  • Panel Location
    • As an option, each process trainer can be constructed with its own control cabinet either directly mounted on the process skid or with an umbilical cord for remote location. The control cabinet will contain all the necessary power switching, PID loop controllers, recording devices and an alarm annunciator. Control Room Consoles
  • Wireless Transmitters
    • Wireless transmitters may be included to showcase this emerging technology in non-control locations on any process trainer
  • Other Technologies
    • Any emerging technologies may be included with any of the DCS units as they become available. Including these optional technologies may result in an overall price adjustment.
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